Photo credit: Peter Esherick
New Mexico Folk Music & Dance Society • FolkMADS  

The New Mexico Folk Music and Dance Society - FolkMADS - is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting and teaching traditional music and dance. FolkMADS sponsors Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos contra dances, Megabands, concerts, camps, and other special events.

Visit the links below to see camp and dance videos and photos by FolkMADS members.
Videos by:
Jim Boros:

Videos from various FolkMADS dance camps.

Dave Foster:
Videos from FolkMADness 2009 and more.
Judy Muldawer:
Videos of many of our local musicians, among others.
Neil Glass:
Montage of Boo Camp 2008 photos.
  FolkMADness 2008, part I.
FolkMADness 2008, part II.
Photographs by:
  Selected photos from FolkMADness 1994 by Tom O.Hunter
  Assorted Boo Camp photos by Peter Esherick.